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The Auto-ID Lab based at ETH Zurich and at the University of St. Gallen conducts research in the field of next generation Internet of Things technologies that will revolutionize interfaces between users and objects. Learn more about our research focus and related projects. We are constantly looking for new collaborations and motivated Master students and PhD candidates. Our current research topics include:


Consumers will benefit from making better decisions supported by Artificial Intelligence and Personalization.


Spatial computing will bring about a new form of commerce within our homes with unprecedented levels of presence.


Mixed reality will allow users and things to connect in new ways, requiring novel interfaces between consumers and the internet-of-things.


Industrial processes will benefit from mixed reality, as spatial computing allows for novel interfaces, faster information retrieval, remote maintenance and many more useful applications.

Next Generation Internet of Things Architecture

Designing and shaping the building blocks (e.g. digital receipts) for a next generation Internet of Things that enables cross-channel, consumer-driven global commerce and B2B2C interaction.

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Latest projects

GS1 Digital Receipt Special Interest Group

Motivation Recently, an increasing number of retailers in many parts of the world have started to adopt Digital Receipts. In contrast to their paper-based substitutes, digital receipts [...]

eCommerce Widget for Nutrition and Sustainability

Leveraging personal eCommerce widget to support decision making towards healthier and more sustainable food choices. Motivation Diet-related non-communicable diseases have become the leading cause of mortality [...]

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Latest publications

Fuchs, K., Ilic, A., Year in Review 2020, Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG Annual Report. [PDF]

Fuchs, K., Grundmann, T., Haldimann, M., Fleisch, E., HoloSelecta Dataset: 10’035 GTIN-labelled Product Instances in Vending Machines for Object Detection of packaged Products in Retail Environments, Data in Brief (forthcoming).

Fuchs, K., Haldimann, M., Grundmann, T., Fleisch, E., Supporting Food Choices in the Internet of People: Automatic Detection of Diet-related Activities and Display of Real-time Interventions via Mixed Reality Headsets, Future Generation Computer Systems (forthcoming). [PDF]

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Working with GS1

Our primary research partner is GS1 – the not-for-profit organization that is renowned for establishing standards for global commerce such as introducing barcodes to the retail industry over 40 years ago.

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Auto-ID Labs Network

We are proud to be part of the global Auto-ID Labs – the leading network of academic research laboratories in the field of Internet of Things. We collaborate closely with our sister labs at MIT, University of Cambridge, KAIST, Fudan University, and Keio University.

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We are looking for motivated master student and PhD students. Check our current positions here.

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