APriori is an innovative product rating system for mobile phones. It enables consumers not only to receive product recommendations from peer consumers on their mobile phone when actually shopping. It also allows consumers to create recommendations on the go, utilizing their mobile phone.

APriori | Animation by Wikke van Weelderen


Using Apriori can well be described by outlining its core functionalities: Receiving product recommendations made by other users on the mobile phone and actively submitting a rating for a product to the APriori server platform.

  • Receiving product recommendations by scanning the tag attached to a product provides the user with an at-a-glance product overview for the considered item, i.e. a product name, a product picture and an overview of the submitted overall ratings.
  • Submitting a rating for a product at the point of use, where the user is temporally and emotionally connected to the experience of product usage, has great potential. User can decide for which criteria he would like to submit a recommendation and enter a value on the screen.

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