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The world’s first large-scale voluntary panel that contributes digital receipt data from loyalty cards anonymously to assess the data’s potential to predict dietary behaviour automatically Motivation Problem: Diet is a major modifiable risk factor for chronic diseases. Chronic diseases cause more than 70% of deaths worldwide [...]




Based on our work on Food Allergens and Product Master Databases, we developed a barcode scanning feedback applications to enable Swiss consumers to receive tailored allergen feedback based on ingredient data of purchased products. We assess the impact of gamification, tailoring of information on the intention forming and ultimately [...]




Using computer vision and machine learning to predict corresponding product category (e.g. Italian dish) for a product image (i.e. 2D images). Description In our daily lives we often interact with grocery products: e.g. During shopping, or when we want to know the ingredients of a product. Today, [...]


Walter Finance


Video-Clip Summary Get your credit card spending under control with the Walter Finance app. Download now on the App Store or Play Store! Motivation Our research seeks to develop mechanisms helping people spend less with low-transparency payment means such as credit cards. Working group [...]

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Together with the Chemistry Department of ETH (D-CHAB) we are analyzing the distribution of Swiss household products in the beauty and health sector. We are aiming to measure which items are responsible for which relative impact of Isothiazolinones (I. are widely applied in crèmes and shampoos for example [...]




Buy drinks, snacks or your next magazine using Scan&Go: just scan your products and pay with your phone – never queue again! Try now at HB Zurich and see how retailing of the future could look like. Only at avec (Passage Sihlquai, platform 9/10), P&B (Halle Landesmuseum, platform 41) [...]


eCommerce in the Physical Store


While eCommerce is providing customers a unique, personalized shopping experience, physical stores struggle to keep pace with recent developments. People have increasingly become used to personalized recommendations, individual prices and rebates online. Retailers and manufacturers on the other side can rely on massive real-time data sets to optimize [...]

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Front-of-pack nutrition labelling (FoPL) supports healthier food choices yet are not mandated in most countries. Also, labels are criticized for giving standardized recommendations disregarding individual needs. To assess the potential of consumer-specific tailored labels, we thus developed a smartphone app providing tailored food labels after scanning a product’s [...]




Our work on purchase feedback applications enable Swiss consumers to receive tailored nutritional feedback based on ingredient data of purchased products. We assess the impact of gamification, tailoring of dietary information on the intention forming and ultimately behaviour on these novel feedback apps. Description It is [...]


Which food is better?


With the new food label regulations EU-1169 and the new Swiss CH-LKV, European food manufacturers must publish nutritional information about their products digitally and open to the public. This open data approach allows users and developers to tap into the nutritional components of groceries and to build new [...]

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