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App Context


Smartphones have become our daily companions and support us in almost any situation of our daily life. We use them for communication, gaming, news reading, watching movies, payment, mobile banking and many others. From the perspective of ‘Internet of Things’, smartphones are becoming increasingly important because they can [...]

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In collaborative filtering approaches, recommendations are inferred from user data. A large volume and a high data quality is essential for an accurate and precise recommender system. As consequence, companies are collecting large amounts of personal user data. Such data is often highly sensitive and ignoring users’ privacy [...]


Food Allergy Checker


In 2007 the European Union defined a list of 14 food ingredients which are likely to cause adverse reactions in susceptible individuals. As such, legislation mandates that these ingredients must be indicated on the label of relevant foodstuffs. However, there is no machine readable standard for the declaration [...]

Food Allergy Checker2019-04-05T12:20:36+02:00

Hackathon with Retail-APIs


HackZurich 2014 was the largest hackathon within Continental Europe at that time: 352 developers from all over Europe met in Zurich and created 101 successfully delivered applications. One of the workshop tracks included “Retail Innovation” – a workshop co-hosted by the Auto-ID Labs, Migros (Switzerland’s largest retailer) and [...]

Hackathon with Retail-APIs2019-04-02T15:25:39+02:00

Product as a Service


This project explores Internet of Things approaches for empowering consumers to direct access digital product-related services from physical products thereby enable a product as a service end-point. Overview Markets are changing from selling products to selling services. The contractual product-service bundle concept is difficult to be [...]

Product as a Service2019-04-04T22:06:39+02:00

Product King


This project is a follow-up on our efforts around Barcode Empire. We explore a novel approach of product loyalty based on digital receipts and proof of purchase tokens. This approach has been implemented as an mobile application on the Android Platform. Overview The goal is to design and [...]

Product King2019-04-02T15:26:06+02:00

Digital Product Profiles and Services


This project explores new approaches for empowering consumers to connect with brands and manufacturers receive post-purchase services and manage their personal inventory. This project is party conducted in collaboration with the spin-off qipp. Overview Consumers increasingly want to manage their personal inventory online. This is a great opportunity [...]

Digital Product Profiles and Services2019-04-04T22:06:50+02:00

High-resolution customer segmentation


This project investigates how to identify different customer types in real-time and track their behavior change based on analysis of point-of-sale and other data. Overview With the pervasive availability of smart phones it becomes for the first time economically feasible to operationalize personalized marketing measures also [...]

High-resolution customer segmentation2019-04-02T15:26:33+02:00

Product Data Quality on the Web


This project is focused on understanding and managing product data quality on the Web. One part is concerned with measuring and mitigating product data inaccuracy in online retailing. Another key aspect is on approaches (e.g. attribute-based authentication, source-based authentication, …) for increasing product data quality on the Web. [...]

Product Data Quality on the Web2019-04-02T15:26:45+02:00

Observational Learning to Promote Mid-Tail Products


This project investigates how to promote products with social cues (e.g. observational learning) instead of price discounts. A particular focus is on showing how observational learning can be used as a tool to selectively promote products in the mid-tail area. Overview In an increasingly crowded marketplace, [...]

Observational Learning to Promote Mid-Tail Products2019-04-02T15:26:57+02:00