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Receipt2Nutrition: How to join


Our mission The aim of this project is to support the fight against diet-related diseases. Therefore we are looking for volunteers who donate their anonymized shopping data and complete an anonymous diet survey. With your help, we can build a machine-learning model that reliably predicts an individual user’s [...]

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Leveraging mixed reality and food product composition data in order to increase saliency of nutritional quality of groceries at the point of sale. Motivation Diet-related non-communicable diseases have become the leading cause of mortality globally, accounting for more deaths than non-diet-related mortality causes combined. We believe that machine learning [...]


Digital Receipts


Digital receipts as machine-readable, electronic substitutes for their contemporary paper-based printed counterparts are expected to be adopted around the globe over the next decade as they promise significant advantages in regard to environmental footprint (Varghese 2018), mitigating tax evasion (Caicedo 2018; Ernst and Young 2016) and offering superior advantages [...]

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Swiss FoodQuiz


Due to the recent EU1169 regulation, new retail data assets became public & can now be used in mHealth to train applicable health literacy. Literacy is a necessary prerequisite for healthy diets. Still, 50% of consumers lack important applicable skills, required to mitigate today's challenge of identifying healthy alternatives [...]

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