GS1 Digital Receipt Special Interest Group


Motivation Recently, an increasing number of retailers in many parts of the world have started to adopt Digital Receipts. In contrast to their paper-based substitutes, digital receipts are delivered in electronic form via mobile application or email after a previous identification of the consumer, e.g. via mobile [...]

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eCommerce Widget for Nutrition and Sustainability


Leveraging personal eCommerce widget to support decision making towards healthier and more sustainable food choices. Motivation Diet-related non-communicable diseases have become the leading cause of mortality globally, accounting for more deaths than non-diet-related mortality causes combined. In addition, the production and consumption of food is one [...]

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Leveraging mixed reality and food product composition data in order to increase saliency of nutritional quality of groceries at the point of sale. Image Datasets In order to support research on computer vision based product detection, we invite interested researchers to find and use our labelled dataset [...]


Digital Receipt Study: Drivers and Barriers to Adoption of Digital Receipts


Motivation Digital receipts as machine-readable, electronic substitutes for their contemporary paper-based printed counterparts are expected to be adopted around the globe over the next decade as they promise significant advantages in regard to environmental footprint (Varghese 2018), mitigating tax evasion (Caicedo 2018; Ernst and Young 2016) and offering [...]

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Together with the Chemistry Department of ETH (D-CHAB) we are analyzing the distribution of Swiss household products in the beauty and health sector. We are aiming to measure which items are responsible for which relative impact of Isothiazolinones (I. are widely applied in crèmes and shampoos for example [...]




Our work on purchase feedback applications enable Swiss consumers to receive tailored nutritional feedback based on ingredient data of purchased products. We assess the impact of gamification, tailoring of dietary information on the intention forming and ultimately behaviour on these novel feedback apps. Description It is [...]


Product as a Service


This project explores Internet of Things approaches for empowering consumers to direct access digital product-related services from physical products thereby enable a product as a service end-point. Overview Markets are changing from selling products to selling services. The contractual product-service bundle concept is difficult to be [...]

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Digital Product Profiles and Services


This project explores new approaches for empowering consumers to connect with brands and manufacturers receive post-purchase services and manage their personal inventory. This project is party conducted in collaboration with the spin-off qipp. Overview Consumers increasingly want to manage their personal inventory online. This is a great opportunity [...]

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