HackZurich: Retail Innovation Workshop

Welcome to the Retail Innovation Workshop at HackZurich

Get phygital in your shop next door!

We all love to browse thousands of products in online stores and order with just a few clicks. But we also like the convenience of having a small store just around the corner in our neighbourhood. In this workshop, you can put your creativity to use and disrupt a Valora store (Switzerland’s largest convenience store chain) to build the future with us. Combine Scandit’s product recognition technology with Valora’s mobile self-checkout APIs and Siroop’s open e-commerce platform to implement ideas like the following:

  • By pointing at a product, customers with a wearable device can trigger an AR overlay that shows a cloud of related products and whether they can be found in the store or online.
  • Products offer social channels (via an AR device) through which a product’s features and quality can be discussed with others in real time.
  • Drones are used to autonomously manage stockrooms and serve customers.
  • Mixed reality game experiences are available through products and kiosk infrastructure.
  • Chatbots accept orders, provide product information, suggest alternatives or send out coupons.
  • Workshop instructions

    To help you implement your ideas, we have the following devices, APIs and SDKs ready for you: HoloLens, Google Glass, a drone, Raspberry Pi, public screens, siroop’s e-commerce APIs, Valora’s mobile self checkout APIs and Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK.

    This site will help you find the most relevant information for the workshop hosted by:

  • Valora, Europe’s largest kiosk retailer
  • Siroop, Switzerland’s largest ecommerce marketplace
  • Scandit, World’s fastest barcode scanning engine
  • Auto-ID Labs, Global research institution on IoT in retail

  • 1) Valora Product and Price API

    The Valora Product and Price API reveals category and price information of products available at Valora store outlets. For each combination of product (=Valora Item ID, e.g. EAN) and store, the corresponding product information is shown.

    Link and Documentation
  • Link: Valora Product and Price API Documentation

  • 2) Siroop Search API

    The Siroop Search API let´s you access the entire product catalogue of Switzerland´s largest ecommerce marketplace. The API response delivers images, categories, texts, etc. about products. Further, the API allows you to request related products to certain text inputs (e.g. “rain”, “summer”, …).

    Link and Documentation
  • Link: Siroop Search API

  • 3) Scandit Barcode Scanning SDK

    The Scandit Barcode scanning SDK helps you to integrate the world´s fastest barcode scanning engine into your mobile application. The SDK is available for all prevailing native and hybrid frameworks.

    Link and Documentation
  • Link: Scandit Barcode Scanning SDK and Documentation
  • 4) Hardware gadgets for rent

    We have some hardware gadgets for your project such that you can integrate them into your app.

    Available gadgets
  • Google Glass
  • Microsoft Hololens (https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us/developers)
  • iBeacons
  • Large Kiosk Screen
  • A drone
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Feel free to come over to the booth and ask for the gadgets.


    We have a workshop booth at HackZurich. Feel free to come by when you want to get help, feedback or inspiration for your HackZurich project. The workshop gadgets will also be available there. In case you want to email rather than come to the booth, feel free to shoot an email to the corresponding contact:

  • Questions about Valora Product API
  • Questions about Siroop Product and Recommendation API
  • Questions about Scandit Barcode Scanning SDK
  • Any other question

  • More Inspiration