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Retail is a domain that has transformed tremendously during the recents shifts from brick-and-mortar stores to website-based commerce and then onwards to mobile commerce. We believe that retail will transform once again when consumers have the opportunity to try virtual products in the comfort of their own homes with mixed reality headsets. Spacial computing will bring about a new form of commerce within our homes with unprecedented levels of presence. Therefore, Home Commerce will enable a more natural interaction of users with their prospective or already owned products. Therefore, Home commerce could well become a novel dimension of retail where consumers try, assess, interact with furniture, art, fashion products via mixed reality before making a purchase decision. We will leverage phyiscal context, digital anchors and markers, detection of preference via sensors in mixed reality headsets to assess the potential of Home Commerce.


  • Understand subconscious product attractiveness: Using gaze and eye tracking to estimate Consumer preferences for products
  • Assessing feasibility of Home Commerce with today’s retail data assets
  • Conducting user studies to identify drivers and barriers towards Home Commerce

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