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Industrial IoT

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Increased autonomy of industrial devices along with Mixed Reality and computer vision technologies will enable unprecedented interactions between machines and employees. With our work on the Industrial IoT, we strive to increase the autonomy of Web-enabled devices and their understanding of one another, and on making interactions of connected devices intelligible for people. Employees in factories will manage and interact with industrial equipment based on high-level goals rather than low-level program code, and will be informed about machines’ and processes’ current state using audio-visual cues in combination with spatial computing interfaces, for improved (remote) maintenance, control and supervision. We aim to contribute to the creation of interoperable and scalable industrial smart environments based on Web standards, and to novel Mixed Reality solutions to support shared workplaces with the goal of increasing the efficiency, flexibility, and safety of production environments.


  • Designing mixed reality interface standards between machines and employees
  • Feasibility study of implementing mixed reality in the work place at a metal processing factory
  • Increasing the flexibility, interoperability, and scalability of industrial manufacturing through hypermedia-based Multiagent systems (see HyperAgents)

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