Selected research projects we are currently addressing are outlined below. If you want to collaborate, feel free to contact us or join us as a Master student or PhD candidate.

Receipt2Nutrition: How to join

Our mission The aim of this project is to support the fight against diet-related diseases. Therefore we are looking for volunteers who donate their anonymized shopping data [...]


Leveraging mixed reality and food product composition data in order to increase saliency of nutritional quality of groceries at the point of sale. Motivation Diet-related non-communicable diseases have become [...]


The world’s first large-scale voluntary panel that contributes digital receipt data from loyalty cards anonymously to assess the data’s potential to predict dietary behaviour automatically Motivation [...]

Digital Receipts

Digital receipts as machine-readable, electronic substitutes for their contemporary paper-based printed counterparts are expected to be adopted around the globe over the next decade as they promise significant advantages [...]


Based on our work on Food Allergens and Product Master Databases, we developed a barcode scanning feedback applications to enable Swiss consumers to receive tailored allergen feedback based on [...]


Using computer vision and machine learning to predict corresponding product category (e.g. Italian dish) for a product image (i.e. 2D images). Description In our daily lives we [...]

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