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AppAware is a mobile application that shares online installations,

updates and removals of Android applications. In this way a user becomes aware (App-Aware) of what other people are installing on their Android phones right now or in her proximity, learning from them. This continuous stream of application events

(installations/removals/updates) provides the basis for serendipity for other users. AppAware does not aim at replacing the Android Market, it is rather a companion to discover interesting applications with the help of other users, thus bringing the social factor into application portals.


  • Worldwide Timeline: Experience in real-time which apps other Android users are installing, updating or removing.
  • Around me: See what other people are installing in your city, university campus, or any place you are.
  • Top apps: Discover what is the live trend on the Market and which apps are installed most in the last hour!
  • Friends: Stay updated with what your friends find interesting on the Android Market.
  • Meter for apps: See the real adoption of apps based on community installations and removals!
  • Tags & Search: Share your opinion by tagging apps: it is faster than comments and improves the search.