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BetterPlanet: Automatic Sustainability Feedback on Your Groceries for a More Sustainable Lifestyle


Climate change is one of the most challenging issues of our time. This is why leaders around the world set the goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C in comparison to pre-industrial levels. But people who want to reduce their carbon footprint are sometimes not motivated enough to inform themselves and change their behavior accordingly.

Digital solutions are a promising way to address this issue. The ever-increasing data collection and availability can be used to provide scalable software that automatically analyzes behavior and provides the best tips to reduce one’s carbon footprint in a next step. This approach can guide users towards the best personal trade-off between preferences and sustainability.

As food production accounts for almost 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, this seems a critical issue to address. People need more awareness of the impact of different food products. Therefore, more information about this topic should be provided to consumers.


The project plans to explore if users can be motivated towards a more sustainable grocery shopping behavior by using the BetterPlanet app. To be able to give automated feedback on your shopping behavior, it connects to receipts from Migros Cumulus and Coop Supercard. This data is then enriched by up-to-date information about the sustainable impact of different foods.

This enables the app to give you an intuitive and holistic overview over the emission impact of your grocery shopping behavior. You can see the total emission impact and the CO2-Score of each purchase over time as well as the impact of each individual product. Further, a transparent explanation of the used values and the calculations is provided.

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To participate you must have a Supercard (Coop) and/ or Cumulus (Migros) membership. The study is in GERMAN only.

The study explores if people can be motivated to adjust their grocery shopping behavior to be more sustainable. For this purpose, you can download and test the app called BetterPlanet for 3 weeks! Find out more about it directly in the app!

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The study explores how people can be motivated towards a more sustainable grocery shopping behavior. Find out more about it directly in the app!

Working Group
  • Simeon Pilz (Master thesis student)
  • Prof. Simon Mayer

Sep 2021 – Mar 2022