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Facility Manager


A maintenance system based on Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC-enabled mobile phones and NFC tags are used to improve the quality of recurring maintenance processes: the maintenance task itself becomes more efficient; and the system facilitates real-time documentation and central process control. Collected data like pressure values or correct position of the valves can be entered directly on the mobile phone. The presence of the maintenance personnel at the point of maintenance is enforced by physically attaching NFC tags to the checkpoints and by making touching the NFC tags with the mobile phone an obligatory part of the process.



The weekly maintenance process consists of three steps:

  • Start the maintenance: The user starts the NFC Facility Manager client application on the NFCenabled mobile phone and is then asked to start the maintenance process. The user is asked to touch a checkpoint at the point of maintenance. The number of total checkpoints needed is shown on the mobile phone display.
  • Tag reading: When touching the NFC tag of a checkpoint, the client application reads the unique tag ID, the stored secret, the label of the checkpoint and the type of input required from the NFC tag. It then writes the new corresponding secret to the checkpoint’s tag. Then, an input field is displayed on the mobile phone screen for data entry. The input value is stored together with the tag ID, the read secret and a timestamp in the mobile phone. This step is repeated for every checkpoint until all checkpoints are done.
  • Finish the maintenance: When all checkpoints are done, the user is asked to finish the maintenance process. The collected data is uploaded to the server application. On the server website the task for this week is now marked as done.

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