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Food Allergy Checker


In 2007 the European Union defined a list of 14 food ingredients which are likely to cause adverse reactions in susceptible individuals. As such, legislation mandates that these ingredients must be indicated on the label of relevant foodstuffs. However, there is no machine readable standard for the declaration of these ingredients. We propose to encode this information in a 5-digit number. The number can either be added to items on a menu card or printed as a barcode on food products. Further, we propose a complementary, 5-digit number which contains information about food allergies of an individual. The number is short enough to share verbally, for instance over a phone call for a restaurant reservation. By comparing both sets of numbers as a food allergy test, individual intolerances are immediately visible.

We are developing an app called ‘Food Allergy Checker”, which enables users to quickly check whether or not foodstuffs are safe to consume. Two screenshots of our prototype are displayed on the poster below.




Remo M. Frey, Benjamin Ryder, Klaus Fuchs, Alexander Ilic. Universal Food Allergy Number. International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT), Stuttgart, Germany, 2016

  • Remo Frey,
  • Klaus Fuchs,