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HackZurich: From Couch Potato to Fitness Hero

We look forward to seeing you at the ‘From Couch Potato to Fitness Hero‘ Challenge by CSS, Caerum and Auto-ID Labs


In the 2020 CSS/Careum/Auto-ID challenge, we want you to develop your app to motivate couch potatoes to become fitness heroes. Feel free to leverage gamification, computer vision, mixed reality headsets to find new ways for consumers to live a healthier lifestyle.

Why do we want to make couch potatoes to fitness heroes?

Health inequity is a fact: if you are poor, you are more likely to be sick and have reduced access to health care. People with higher income or education are physically more active and feel healthier. There is an indisputable relationship between health determinants, health behavior, and health status. Besides income and education, health literacy is a key determinant of health. That means being empowered to make important decisions about your own health. As a result, health literacy enhances health-promoting behavior like regular physical activity and a healthy diet which leads to higher health status and quality of life. However, a majority of the world’s population report difficulties when dealing with health information and have limited health literacy. We challenge you to develop specific measures to enhance health literacy and promote chances to enjoy good health and well-being. Make it possible for everyone to live a long life in good health!

What will you build?


We look forward to seeing your solution, be it a nutrition coach, a private fitness coach that uses computer vision, a game that challenges you to remain active, an education tool that addresses the needs of people with special needs….


Feel free to use the MobileCoach platform and app template (in React Native) to quickly develop your smartphone app. MobileCoach was developed as on open-source platform for the design of scalable digital health interventions. It uses a chat-based interaction style, and enables programming of chat interactions without previous programming experience. MobileCoach has been used by many health applications and we have technical support to get you started.

For example, MobileCoach was used to build Elena+. This intervention was designed for helping people stay healthy during the pandemic. You can try it yourself here! If you want, you can build your prototype as an extension of Elena+.

Further information and instructions are available here.


Available Hardware


  • I need support. Who can I contact?
    • Visit us at our booth or write us a message in Slack and we will gladly answer your questions.
  • I have never built anything with Microsoft HoloLens or MagicLeap One yet or no experience with mixed reality development. Where do I start?
  • I do not have a team yet, can I still join the CSS/Careum/Auto-ID Labs challenge?
    • Of course. Ideally, you find team mates via Slack or the matching session. Otherwise, you can also send a mail to Daniel or Klaus, they can help you to shape your idea.
  • I do not have any idea yet. Do you have one for me?
    • Feel free to have a chat with us at the booth or ask other hackers via Slack. You can also send a mail to Daniel or Klaus, they can help you to shape your idea.
  • Do I have to use the headsets?
    • No, you can build anything, for example smartphone app or web app as well. Be creative & have fun!

You will find all API keys and key contacts for the challenge here.



You can find us (incl the MagicLeap and HoloLens headsets) for testing at our booth (CSS+Careum+Auto-ID Labs)


If you want to collaborate with CSS, Careum or Auto-ID Labs after HackZurich, please also make sure to submit here as well.