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HackZurich: Mixed Reality HealthCoach Challenge

Mixed Reality HealthCoach Callenge by CSS, MagicLeap and Auto-ID Labs

Problem: Global Health Crisis


Therefore, in the mixed reality health coach challenge, we want to shape the future of healthy nutrition with computer vision and mixed reality headsets, to find new ways for consumers to live a healthier lifestyle.

Available Hardware

3 x Magic Leap Headsets

1 x Microsoft HoloLens

Bring your own device

  • Available Mixed Reality Headsets: Devices will be stored at the booth. Please come there to deploy your app on devices. Please be considerate towards other teams and minimize testing time on the hardware, as the devices are shared between all teams of the challenge. Try to use the emulators on your machines as much as you can.
  • If you want to use Magic Leap, it is highly recommended, to set up your machine prior to the challenge. Please follow the instructions here: . You can get started with the Simulator environment and learn how to use Meshing etc.
  • Of course, you can also use your own devices. For example, you can build a mobile application (e.g. ARKit, ARCore) or any other mobile or web-based solution to this challenge.

Teaser: What will you build?


Ideas for your application

How can your app support people who have…?

  • No idea about healthy nutrition?
  • Don’t care about healthy nutrition?
  • Increased sedentary behaviour and snacking due to changed lifestyles?
  • No motivation to exercise?
  • Problems to manage shopping lists in a store?
  • No idea what to cook?
  • No time available?
  • To take purchase decision for a family?
  • Just gotten a diagnosis for a chronic disease?
  • Some inspiration can be found here:



  • I have never built anything with MagicLeap yet or no experience with mixed reality development. Where do I start?
  • I do not have a team yet, can I still join the Mixed Reality HealthCoach challenge?
    • Of course. Ideally, you find team mates via Slack or the matching session. Otherwise, you can also send a mail to Daniel or Klaus, they can help you to shape your idea.
  • I do not have any idea yet. Do you have one for me?
    • Feel free to have a chat with us at the booth or ask other hackers via Slack. You can also send a mail to Daniel or Klaus, they can help you to shape your idea.
  • Do I have to use the headsets?
    • No, you can build anything, for example smartphone app or web app as well. Be creative & have fun!
Important Link

You will find all API keys and key contacts for the challenge here.

Magic Leap presentation is here.


You can find the MagicLeap headsets for testing at our booth (CSS+MagicLeap+Auto-ID Labs)


If you want to collaborate with CSS, Magic Leap or Auto-ID Labs after HackZurich, please also make sure to submit here as well.

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