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Improving RFID tag Reads

Improving RFID tag Reads

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used in various ways for the optimization of today’s supply chains. One problem in dense reader environments are false-positive RFID tag reads i.e., tags that have been read unintentionally by an RFID reader. This project proposes to apply low-level readers such as Received Signal Strength Indication, time stamps of reads and used antennae. An algorithm has been developed and verified in a productive RFID environment.


  • Machine learning based approach that makes use of the low-level reader data collected when reading tags to detectsuch false-positives
  • Evaluation in a productive RFID enabled distribution center with 7month of data describing 53,998 pallet events
  • Results: More than 95.5% of the real world data was classified correctly


Keller, T.; Thiesse, F.; Kungl, J.; Fleisch, E.; , “Using low-level reader data to detect false-positive RFID tag reads,” Internet of Things (IOT), 2010 , vol., no., pp.1-8, Nov. 29 2010-Dec. 1 2010