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Product King


This project is a follow-up on our efforts around Barcode Empire. We explore a novel approach of product loyalty based on digital receipts and proof of purchase tokens. This approach has been implemented as an mobile application on the Android Platform.


The goal is to design and implement a mobile application for consumer-driven product loyalty (e.g. foursquare for products). We aim to understand how this new kind of loyalty approach changes consumer behavior.


Some retailers already provide customer interfaces for electronic receipts (e.g. M-Cumulus). The goal of this project is to design, implement and evaluate a mobile application that gives the user the choice of “favoriting” a product and working towards a VIP level (similar to frequent flier tier) by further purchasing the item. A ranking against different friends is provided and badges can be earned that are easy to disseminate in social networks. This will enable a new kind of loyalty program which is driven by consumers and provide a direct link to brands.