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ThingBook is a Facebook application that represents the link between things, people and social networks. It allows creation of thing repositories, where users adds all the things he is somehow related to. It also contains relations between user’s friends and things, and provides opinions on specific things that he might be interested in.


  • Browsing friends’ repositories, to obtain information and opinions about the products.
  • Establishing a relationship to a thing by adding a thing to the user’s repository. This relation does not necessary represents ownership, it could also mean that he likes it, has used it in the past, would like to have it, etc.
  • Deciding whether to post a new thing event to the user’s wall, thus making the post visible to all of his friends.
  • Writing a review on a certain product and commenting on a friends’ post, thus writing an opinion on the relation between a friend and the given thing.
  • Notifying a friend about a thing, pointing out to him that this thing might be of interest to him.