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Toxicology App

Together with the Chemistry Department of ETH (D-CHAB) we are analyzing the distribution of Swiss household products in the beauty and health sector. We are aiming to measure which items are responsible for which relative impact of Isothiazolinones (I. are widely applied in crèmes and shampoos for example in order to make products last longer. Unfortunately recent research suggests that such products that contain Isothiazolinones are likely to cause skin irritation).

In particular we are interested to find out which products, brands and items are used how frequently and in which quantities, eventually aiming to find out the relative impact of Isothiazolinones within such products on consumer´s skin. Therefore our mobile application is used by consumers to scan their frequently used beauty&healthcare products. Our application implements a product data base API that then calculates the relative exposure of Isothiazolinones on the individual consumers.

Contact us if you are interested participating in the Toxicology App or if you are a retailer and wish to create your own digital health-related consumer services: Klaus Fuchs


Project includes

  1. Digital nutrition information
  2. Consumer behavior, long-term vs short-term
  3. User feedback
  4. Health & chemicals
  5. Open Data Innovation