Receipt2Nutrition: How to join

Setup 5 min

1. Create your user account on BitsAboutMe:
BitsAboutMe is a GDPR-compliant data service, which allows users to request, store and share user data. BitsAboutMe provides the infrastructure to request your Migros Cumulus and Coop Supercard data and allows you to join Receipt2Nutrition.
Click this link to create your BitsAboutMe account:

BitsAboutMe: Create your BitsAboutMe Account here

2. Import data: Connect to your loyalty card
In order to join Receipt2Nutrition, you need to connect your Migros Cumulus and/or Coop Supercard account.

Data Import: Connect your Migros Cumulus & Coop Supercard to BitsAboutMe

3. Profile: Complete your BitsAboutMe profile:
Please make sure that you share your email and residence (Switzerland) so that in the marketplace you are eligible to see the Receipt2Nutrition project.

Profile: Complete your profile to join the BitsAboutMe marketplace

4. Activate Marketplace: In order to join Receipt2Nutrition, you need to enable the Marketplace on your BitsAboutMe account:

MarketplaceActivate the Marketplace function

5. Join Receipt2Nutrition on the BitsAboutMe Marketplace: Select and accept to join the Receipt2Nutrition project

Data Import: Join the Receipt2Nutrition Project on the BitsAboutMe Marketplace

Participation – 25 minutes

1. Email with survey link: After joining the project on BitsAboutMe, you will receive an automatic email with your unique survey link for your dietary intake assessment.

Email: Open your email invitation with your unique link for the diet survey

2. Diet survey: The Receipt2Nutrition survey takes around 25-30 minutes. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible to allow for a precise analysis.

Survey: Please take your time to complete your diet assessment carefully.

3. Get your reward: after completing the diet survey, you will have a report with insights into your diet & in the BitsaboutMe Dashboard a new Healthy-Shopping Widget will be active and will help you track the healthiness of your future grocery shopping baskets