We are working closely together with leading industry partners and GS1. Learn more about our collaboration with GS1.

Selected research projects we are currently addressing are outlined below:

  • Walter
    Always keep track of your credit card spending and reach your goals with our mobile app Walter Finance!
  • scango2
    Never again wait for your purchases! Test our fully mobile self-checkout application, buy products with your iPhone and pay with your credit card without any interaction with the regular cashier!
  • Bringing the benefits of eCommerce to brick and mortar stores.
  • Due to EU-1169 and the new CH-LKV regulation digital nutritional data allows nutritional analytics on purchase logs. Join our ShoCo-Panel to benefit from our digital Shopping Coach.
  • Reality mining on smartphones for mass personalization: Leveraging non-intrusive static and dynamic interest discovery.
  • Research on blockchain-based systems which enable consumers to securely share personal data with retail companies.
  • The goal of the research project is to help the society to better handle the severe and growing problem of food allergies.
  • A gamification approach to teach users of a mobile application about the nutritional impact of frequently consumed nutritional products.
  • Together with D-CHAB/ETH we are launching a mobile app through which consumers can measure their exposure to Isothiazolinones, a rarely known chemical that causes skin irritation.
  • Continent´s largest Hackathon: Opening up retail APIs for innovative developers. HackZurich´s workshop “Retail Innovation” together with GS1 and Migros created 15 mobile apps in 40h.
  • Empowering consumers to direct access digital product-related services from physical products thereby enable a product as a service end-point.
  • Product King
    This project investigates a mobile application for consumer-driven product loyalty (e.g. foursquare for products).
  • Digital Product Profiles
    Empowering consumers to manage personal inventory online and to receive post-purchase services for physical products.
  • Customer Segmentation
    High resolution approaches for identifying customer types in real-time and tracking their behavior change based on big data analytics.
  • Product Data Quality
    Measuring, understanding, and managing product data quality on the Web.
  • Observational learning
    Promoting products with social cues (e.g. observational learning) instead of price discounts and bringing eCommerce principles to physical stores.
  • Internet of Things Architecture
    IoT-A – the European FP7 flagship project for the Future Internet of Things
  • AppAware
    AppAware is a mobile application that shares online installations, updates and removals of Android applications
  • Kiosk of the Future
    Understand and experiment with the relationship between consumers, social media and products in a live setting.
  • Social Media Mining
    Understanding the interaction within Facebook as a platform for social media marketing in order to explain the phenomena and derive guidelines.
  • my2cents
    my2cents is a mobile app to share comments on products. Find out what others are thinking about a product and share your own opinion.
  • Barcode Empire
    Applying crowdsourcing and motivational concepts from pervasive gaming and social computing
  • Recipe Guide
    The RecipeGuide is an Android application that recommends recipes based on cooking products.
  • Improving RFID tag Reads
    This project proposes to apply low-level readers such as Received Signal Strength Indication, time stamps of reads and used antennae.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
    A study trust and security in RFID-based product authentication systems.
  • SwissPeaks
    SwissPeaks and WorldPeaks are two Augmented Reality applications for the iPhone 3GS to identify mountains.
  • BuzzBook
    BuzzBook ia a tool that performs trend detection over the Facebook public posts.
  • TwiPhone
    TwiPhone is a prototype application for Android mobile phones which shares call logs and text messages on the Twitter.
  • ThingBook
    ThingBook is a Facebook application that represents the link between things, people and social networks.
  • Apriori
    APriori is an innovative product rating system for mobile phones enabling consumers receive and create product recommendations when actually shopping.
  • Carbon-14
    Carbon-14 is an application for NFC-enabled mobile phone to retrieve the carbon footprint of particular products.
  • Facility Manager
    A maintenance system based on Near Field Communication (NFC) used to improve the quality of recurring maintenance processes.