Shoco-Panel (Shopping Coach Panel)


The Shoco-Panel (Shopping Coach Panel) is a digital service that allows users to analyse their own individual user loyalty information from a nutritional perspective. For example: How much sugar did I consume last year? Which items on your shopping list have the highest salt impact on my diet? The Shoco-Panel assesses long-term transaction logs after panel participants have given their explicit opt-in consent. Our nutritional impact calculations are leveraging digital nutrition information from EU-1169 and CH-LKV.

Contact us if you are interested participating in the Swiss Scoco-Panel or if you are a retailer and wish to create your own digital health-related consumer services: Klaus Fuchs


Project keywords

  1. Digital nutrition information, EU-1169, CH-LKV
  2. Consumer behavior, long-term vs short-term
  3. Omnichannel applications
  4. User feedback
  5. Health & nutrition
  6. Open Data Innovation
  7. Consumer loyalty


EU-1169, CH-LKV, Health, nutrition, APIs, mobile applications, Android, iOS, consumer focus

Working group