We are multi-disciplinary

Our core team consists of researchers from various fields including technology management, computer science, and psychology from the Chair of Information Management at ETH Zurich and the Chair of Operations Management at the University of St. Gallen.

In total, 30 additional researchers work at associated institutes, including the Bosch IOT lab, Bits-to-Energy lab, Center for Digital Health InterventionsMobiliar lab.

In addition, the affiliated labs of the Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG within the Auto-ID Labs alliance include the MIT Auto-ID lab, Cambridge Auto-ID lab, Keio Auto-ID lab, KAIST Auto-ID lab and the Fudan Auto-ID lab.

Research Team

Prof. Simon Mayer
Prof. Simon MayerAssociate Research Director, ICS-HSG
Simon heads the Chair for Interaction- and Communication-based Systems (ICS-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen. He is also affiliated with the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich, as a Senior Scientist. Simon’s research concerns interactions of machines and people in industrial IoT settings.
PD Dr. Alexander Ilic
PD Dr. Alexander IlicExecutive Director ETH AI Center
Alex previously was the head of the Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG and sold his startup Dacuda to Magic Leap prior to becoming GM at Magic Leap Switzerland. Today he serves as the Executive Director of the ETH AI Center.
Dr. Klaus Fuchs
Dr. Klaus FuchsAssociate Research Director
Klaus serves as Director for Industry Relations at the ETH AI Center. His research interest is Promoting Nutritional Literacy & Behavior Change based on Automated Purchase Logging & Food Product Databases.
Jing Wu
Jing WuDoctoral Researcher ICS HSG
Jing is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Computer Science (ICS-HSG) at University of St. Gallen. Jing’s research interests include artificial intelligence and digital health.
Dr. Andrei Ciortea
Dr. Andrei CiorteaSenior Scientist ICS HSG
Andrei is a senior scientist at the Institute of Computer Science (ICS-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen. His research interests include Internet-scale multi-agent systems, hypermedia systems, Web of Things, and socio-technical systems.
Iori Mizutani
Iori MizutaniDoctoral Researcher ICS HSG
Iori is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Computer Science (ICS-HSG) at University of St. Gallen. He worked for the Auto-ID Labs Keio in Japan before moving to Switzerland. Iori’s research interests include the domains of Industrial Automation/Autonomization, Interoperability and Standardization, and the Web of Things.
Prof. Elgar Fleisch
Prof. Elgar FleischFounder & honorary member
Elgar holds the Chair of Information Management at ETH Zürich and the Chair of Operations Management at University of St.Gallen (HSG). Elgar was the founder and is a standing honorary member of the Auto-ID Lab ETH Zurich/HSG and the global Auto-ID Labs network.

Industry and Academic Network & Alumni

Dr. Giada Danesi
Dr. Giada DanesiSenior Researcher SNSF, Technology Studies Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences University of St. Gallen
Giada Danesi is currently senior researcher at the Department of Technology Studies of the University of St. Gallen and works on a SNSF project ‘The Food Coach: Societal Implications of Digital Receipt-based Diet Monitoring & Interventions enabled by Graph Analytics Techniques’. She is also associated researcher at the STS Lab of the University of Lausanne. Her research focuses on health and illness, health technologies, chronic diseases, food and eating. Her research draws on ethnographic, qualitative and comparative approaches.
Aline Stehrenberger
Aline StehrenbergerDoctoral Researcher SHSS HSG
Aline is a doctoral researcher at the school of humanities and social sciences (SHSS) at University of St. Gallen. She does research in the field of science and technology studies with a focus on app solutions promoting a sustainable food system.
Sybilla Merian
Sybilla MerianDoctoral Researcher Chair of Marketing UZH
Sybilla is a doctoral researcher at the Chair of Marketing at University of Zurich. Sybilla is interested in using marketing mechanisms to promote more sustainable consumer behavior.
Annette Mönninghoff
Annette MönninghoffDoctoral Researcher ICI-University of St. Gallen
Annette is a collaborator of the Auto-ID Lab ETH/HSG in the area of healthy lifestyle choices. She leads the FutureMe project, which aims to motivate consumers for healthier lifestyle choices through the use of a FutureMe-Avatar intervention. Annette has a background in marketing and consumer behavior and currently pursues her PhD at the Institute for Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen (ICI-HSG).
Avik Mukhija
Avik MukhijaComputer Vision Expert
Avik was a research assistant and has a research interest in computer vision-based detection of packaged products. He is now a Computer Vision Expert in the Digital Health domain.
Dr. Johannes Huebner
Dr. Johannes HuebnerCTO @ Stryber
Johannes was one of the founders of the Swiss fintech startup Numbrs and works on payment data. His research interests include: FinTech; Mobile Applications; Business Models
Prof. Tanja Schneider
Prof. Tanja SchneiderPrincipal Investigator & Associate Professor in Technology Studies @ SHSS
Tanja is a collaborator of the Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG in the area of food & transparency. She is the PI of the SNF-NRF project ‘FoodCoach’ in which we collaborate on developing novel monitoring and intervention methods leveraging digital receipts and AI. She works at the Institute of Sociology (SfS-HSG) and her research interest includes Digital Food Activism.
Prof. Jaewook Buyn
Prof. Jaewook BuynPrincipal Investigator & Assistant Professor, Halla University & Associate Director, Auto-ID Labs, KAIST
Jaewook received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from KAIST, Republic of Korea, in 2018. Currently, he is an assistant professor at Sejong University, Republic of Korea. His research interests include temporal graph, graph mining, graph database, semantic web, and the Internet of Things.
Dr. Sangtae Kim
Dr. Sangtae KimSenior Researcher, Auto-ID Labs & KI Institutes, KAIST
Sangtae Kim received his PhD degree in culture technology in KAIST in 2011. He is currently a senior researcher in KAIST Institutes for Information Technology Convergence and is also a member of Auto-ID Labs, KAIST. He has contributed to GS1 standardization activities since 2015, and is participating in EPCIS MSWG. He also is a member of TTA ICT International Standardization Committee for Smart Agriculture. His research interests include food traceability system and data visualization.
Dr. Denis Vučkovac
Dr. Denis VučkovacResearcher
Denis worked on self-checkout technologies and marketing insights from transaction data. His research interests include Internet of Things; Big data; Consumer mobile applications
Brigitte Buri
Brigitte BuriExpert for Nutrition & Dietician BSc BFH
Brigitte works for the Swiss Society for Nutrition & has been a dietician for over 20 years. She is a contributor to the Swiss Food Composition Database & is also a lecturer at University of Berne. Brigitte supports the Auto-ID Labs in nutrition-relevant research projects.
Dr. Florian Michahelles
Dr. Florian MichahellesHead of Research Group, Artificial & Human Intelligence at Siemens Corporation
Florian was the Associate Director of the Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG (2005-2013). Research topics: IoT; Mobile Applications; HCI; RFID
Stefan Zanetti
Stefan ZanettiCEO and Founder @ Allthings AG
Stefan founded the ETH spin-off Allthings AG.
Dr. Irena Pletikosa Cvijikj
Dr. Irena Pletikosa CvijikjData Architect at UBS
Irena was Scientific Leader of Mobi-Lab and also worked in the Auto-ID Labs before. Thesis: Evaluation framework for social media brand presence

Dr. Remo Frey
Dr. Remo FreySenior Open Innovator at SIX
Thesis: Mass Personalization through Mobile App Adoption Analytics.
Dr. Runhua Xu
Dr. Runhua XuMachine Learning & Data Science at Ebay
Thesis: Leveraging Mobile and Internet of Things Technologies to Enhance Products with Digital Services
Dr. Edward Ho
Dr. Edward HoData Scientist Team Lead at eBay
Thesis: Towards High-Resolution Multi-Channel Marketing for Physical Stores
Dr. Stephan Karpischek
Dr. Stephan KarpischekCo-Founder at Etherisc
Thesis: Mobile Barcode Scanning and Quality of Product Master Data
Dr. Erica Dubach Spiegler
Dr. Erica Dubach SpieglerMember of the board at Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)
Thesis: Applications and Implications of User-Generated Content in Retail & MSc CEMS MIM
 Andrea Giradello
Andrea GiradelloCo-Founder & CEO at 42matters AG
Andrea co-founded the ETH Spin-off 42matters AG. In his work at the Auto-ID Labs he assessed technology with a focus on privacy and health care.
Andreas Budde
Andreas BuddeCo-Founder & CTO at 42matters AG
Andreas co-founded the ETH spin-off 42matters AG (formerly known as AppAware)
Dr. Robert Adelmann
Dr. Robert AdelmannHead of Mixed Reality & User Experience. Co-founder Scandit AG.
Thesis: An Efficient Bar Code Recognition Engine for Enabling Mobile Services
Dr. Felix Graf von Reischach
Dr. Felix Graf von ReischachHead of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Group Swisscom
Thesis: Product reviews via mobile phone
Dr. Thorben Keller
Dr. Thorben KellerVenture Executive & Leader Venture Success Team
Thesis: Mining the Internet of Things: Detection of False-Positive RFID Tag Reads using Low-Level Reader Data
Dr. Mikko Lehtonen
Dr. Mikko LehtonenManager at Oliver Wyman
Thesis: How to secure supply chains against counterfeit products using low-cost RFID
Dr. Christian Metzger
Dr. Christian MetzgerDigital Transformation and Information Technology Executive at Aviva Canada
Thesis: High fidelity shelf stock monitoring
Dr. Patrick Schmitt
Dr. Patrick SchmittGeneral Manager at Continental Automotive
Thesis: Adoption und Diffusion neuer Technologien am Beispiel der Radiofrequenz-Identifikation (RFID)
Dr. Dominique Guinard
Dr. Dominique GuinardFounder & CTO @EVRYTHNG, IoT Expert & Advisor
Dominique founded the IOT startup EVRYTHNG and is working on GS1 Digital Link. Thesis: A Web of things application architecture
Prof. Dr. Frédéric Thiesse
Prof. Dr. Frédéric ThiesseChair of Information Systems and Systems Development
Frédéric holds the Chair of Information Systems and Systems Development at University of Wuerzburg.
Dr. Christian Flörkemeier
Dr. Christian FlörkemeierVP Product, CTO & Co-Founder Scandit AG
Christian co-founded the ETH spin-off Scandit (formerly known as Mirasense AG).
Christof Roduner
Christof RodunerVP Engineering & CIO Scandit AG
Christian is the CIO of the ETH spin-off Scandit (formerly known as Mirasense AG).
Dr. Matthias Lampe
Dr. Matthias LampeCTO Hops 36. Inc.
Thesis: Application-level system and tool support for auto-ID application development
Dr. Christian Tellkamp
Dr. Christian Tellkamp
Thesis: The impact of Auto-ID technology on process performance–RFID in the FMCG supply chain
Dr. Sandra Gross
Dr. Sandra GrossSenior Consultant AWK Group
Dr. Thomas Wiechert
Dr. Thomas WiechertChief Marketing Officer at localsearch (Swisscom Directories AG)
Dr. Martin Strassner
Dr. Martin Strassner Vice President, Risk Management Swiss RE