Working with GS1

The primary research partner of our lab is GS1 – the not-for-profit organization that is renowned for establishing standards for global commerce such as introducing barcodes to the retail industry over 40 years ago.

Since 2003 the Auto-ID Labs at ETH Zürich and University of St. Gallen (HSG) supported GS1 / EPCglobal in the development of global standards for barcodes and RFID for Internet of Things applications in supply chains. However, with the advance of smart phones and other Internet of Things technologies, GS1 and the industry are increasingly forced to think beyond the point-of-sale and extend their standards from supply chain to consumer applications.

Our current research activities therefore focus on adding the consumer to the currently B2B-oriented business model of GS1 and explores opportunities for Linked Open Data for Products and Services (GS1 Digital).

We continuously share our results, demos, and other key research findings at major GS1 events such as the Global Forum or the Global Standards Events. In addition, we engage with a number of technical work groups and requirements groups at GS1. Our lab has played a key role in the Anti-Counterfeiting flagship project as well as in enabling fosstrak, the RFID/EPC open source platform that implements the GS1 EPC Network specifications. We are in continuous dialogue with the GS1 CTO and executive team to gauge the strategic positioning of GS1 and the impact of our research results.

Our Research Partners